Hello and Welcome to ThomSisson.com

This is my Personal Website that I use to promote me and things that interest me. So please, if you want to get to know me or who I am, please read my blog posts (Coming Soon). I will try to write something interesting about me every now and then.

Here are some facts about me:

  • I am a Notary Public for the the State of Nebraska and an Accredited Notary for the Consulate General of the Philippines in Chicago.
  • I enjoy tinkering around with and creating WordPress websites, I have several that I work on for others. See the links to the left. I love working with the backside of website, not too much with content.
  • I am an employee for W. N. Morehouse Truck Line, Inc. in Omaha, NE. I started as a driver and now I work in their office doing payroll, tech support, and other exciting things.
  • I have been married to a beautiful Filipina from Bicol, Albay for over 10 years and we have a handsome son.
  • I look at things differently than others. I like to get the big picture about things and then make decisions. If you give me an idea, I look at the idea and try to come up with what is wrong with it or the issues you might have with the idea.